Service Information: Sundays @4:30pm in the Concert Hall Building of Ahyun Church
950-1 Bukghyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea | Map and Directions
At Seoul Grace, worship through song is a way in which we connect to the song of our Creator who, from the beginning of time, existed in endless song and chorus within the Trinity. Find out more about our service information here.

We focus our praise and worship not on a musical performance, but on using music and singing to give back to God honor and praise for who He is in our lives. Our worship team looks to give God praise as an outpouring of the blessing we all have received through the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our worship service consists of contemporary praise songs, creedal confession, confessional prayer and praise through hymns. It's within this mix of the modern and traditional that we seek to connect our present day community with the rich history of past Christian community.